What is the difference between a contact group and a contact segment

In this article, we will introduce the basic differences between a contact group and a contact segment and which cases are suitable for using one or the other function.

Contact segment

This is a dynamic grouping of contacts that you get based on the contact filter you set up (for example, by the same contact label/tag, name, etc.).

The segment is dynamic for the reason that if you do not limit it in the filter by the date of adding the contact from - to, this segment will continuously grow with new contacts.

As an example, consider the following situation.

Example 1: You will automatically collect contacts from a web form into Reago that are tagged with the label/tag "contacts-web-form". Based on this tag, you define a segment in the filter that will include all contacts tagged in this way. Since this is a situation where the contacts from the web form will be continuously increasing, the number of contacts in this segment will also be automatically increased.

Contact segmentation is suitable for: regular newsletters, holiday cards, important information for your contacts ...

Help: How to create a contact segment

Contact group

Think of groups in this case as a static list of contacts that does not change over time. In Reago, you create a group and import your contacts into that group. If you do not actively import additional contacts into this group, it will not be automatically expanded.

The contact group is suitable for: sending regular messages to the same contact list (e.g. VIP offers)

Help: How to create a contact group