Antispam policy

Reago CRM sets the following rules as part of its anti-spam policy.

We hereby encourage all of our customers to familiarize themselves with our policy. By using Reago CRM, they agree to these terms and acknowledge that violation of the terms below may result in termination of the Reago CRM service without any right to compensation.

What data is critical for us to evaluate?

Bounce rate

There is a tolerance limit of 2% for the bounce rate. If this limit is exceeded, the cooperation can be terminated.

Hard bounce rate

The tolerance limit for the hard bounce rate is set at 1%. If this limit is exceeded, the collaboration can be terminated.

Bounce rate

If the bounce rate exceeds 2%, the collaboration can be terminated.

SPAM mark rate

Through the feedback loop, we can see how many users mark your campaign as SPAM. If the threshold of 1% for SPAM marking is exceeded, the collaboration can be terminated.

Campaign content

The content of the campaign must not use topics such as fear, prejudice and superstition, acts of violence or incitement to violence, or hurt the national, racial or religious feelings of consumers. In case of creation and dissemination of such content by campaigns, the cooperation will be terminated.

Recommendations for our clients

Own contact database

Within the framework of the current legislation of the Czech Republic, it is only possible to send commercial communications to e-mail addresses or our own database of customers who have given their consent to sending commercial communications or processing personal data.

During the import of contacts into the database, the Reago CRM customer confirms consent to the processing of personal data received from these contacts.

Our system does not support sending campaigns to a purchased database of contacts.

Proper handling of the database

We instruct our customers to handle the email database efficiently so that SPAM flagging is avoided, thus preventing account blocking.

Sender identification

Campaigns sent by Reago CRM must include the sender. This tag allows the recipient to identify who the message is from.
We recommend using a label that associates the user with the person to whom they have given consent to process personal data.

Using the footer for unsubscribing

In order for subscribers to easily unsubscribe from an email, it is a legal requirement to include an unsubscribe block in the footer of the email. Our system complies with this requirement so that each template contains an element that leads to unsubscribing from the email.

All of the above recommendations and rules are intended to ensure the smooth deliverability of our customers' emails. We hereby appeal to all our customers to comply with them. If you have any questions about our anti-spam policy, please do not hesitate to contact our support: