How to set up payment for using Reago

Once registered, you can use Reago for free up to 200 contacts and up to 1,500 emails per month.

How do I use the app after the free limit is exceeded?

In case you have reached the limits for using the app for free and want to increase the limit, it is very simple.

In your account, go to the Payments and Invoices category.

Fill in your Contact details in the Payment Details tab.

You will then go to the My products tab, where you can click on the Change Tariff button to request a tariff change. Once this button is clicked, you will be taken to a web form where you can enter the tariff you are interested in and then submit it. We will immediately set you up with a higher tariff level.

An overview of all the tariffs we offer is available in our Price List.

Once the higher tariff has been set up, it must be paid within 7 days.

Click on the Billing tab to make the payment.

And then click on the Pay button.

The GoPay payment gateway will then be called to make the payment.

The payment card will then be stored in your account and you will be charged automatically every 30 days for your chosen tariff, so you don't have to think about anything. If necessary, you can simply remove the payment card from your account under Payment Details -> Payment Card.

All documents related to the payment are available for each billing period and can be viewed by clicking on the More Info button.