GoMobile: Thanks to Reag, we have everything in one place

The Reago app offers its customers the opportunity to improve their communication and, above all, to connect multiple communication channels into one platform. This is exactly the solution that GoMobil s.r.o. was looking for.

What was the starting point at GoMobil?

GoMobil s.r.o. is a purely Czech company and offers the services of a virtual operator with the same name GoMobil. The great added value of this service is the tailor-made tariffs with no obligations and the possibility to leave this operator at any time. This approach is appreciated by almost 50,000 customers.

And it was the size of a database of this magnitude that called for a special approach. Whether it was communication from the operators' side with end customers, or from the marketing department's position, which communicated with such a large contact database across different communication channels.

Thus, newsletters were the most frequently used form of targeted communication with customers. These were supplemented by promotions of important events via SMS messages. The external tool MailChimp was used to send newsletters, and the SMS gateway GoSMS was used to send SMS messages.

Fragmentation of communication and excessive costs of using an external tool

A central problem in marketing communication and the subsequent promotion of interesting offers to end customers was that the external tool for sending newsletters was too costly in the scope used. In addition, it did not meet the growing database needs that the marketing team required for their activities, whether it was an automated link to the company's internal system or a combination of multiple communication channels. GoMobil's customer database is growing steadily, and with this upward trend comes increasing demands for communication and the right tool. Thus, the goal was to find a tool that not only allows automated collection of contacts in one place, but also a tool from which it will be possible to send both newsletters and SMS messages. In the next superstructure, a combination of both within automated campaigns.

Reago offers everything in one place for a reasonable fee

Based on GoMobil's requirements and subsequent consultation with our team, it was decided to join forces. Initial training on the functionality of our application followed by implementation and integration with their database system was carried out without major problems, mainly due to the emphasis on simple specification and clear definition of key requirements. Therefore, they were able to start using the CRM system very quickly and start sending email and SMS campaigns within a few hours, from one place, from one application!

Another key requirement was the very specific and detailed elaboration of GDPR permissions that needed to be set up in Reag. Even this specific requirement was handled to our customer's satisfaction.

Thanks to Reag we no longer have contacts in one system, emailing in another and SMS marketing in a third. We have connected everything in one place"

- Milan Pleva, Marketing Manager GoMobil -

In addition to the possibility of communication via one platform, the company also greatly appreciated the cost reduction compared to the previous tool and the possibility of variability of the subscription plan according to the current size of the database.

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How is the Reago app used?

As mentioned above, GoMobil uses all the features offered by the Reago app literally to the maximum and communicates with its customers at regular intervals via both email and SMS.

In order to reach specific contacts in the right way, they also require advanced parameter segmentation based on data from their internal database system. These parameters are entered into Reago and based on these parameters, the contacts are subsequently sorted and divided into the necessary segments. In this case, the campaign is not sent to contacts for whom the message is not relevant and thus there is no unnecessary waste of resources.

An equally important factor for this form of communication is the subsequent evaluation of the sent campaigns through clear statistics for each e-mail and SMS campaign. The marketing department knows exactly which campaigns were successful and which were not and can work with these statistics.

Another benefit is the possibility of a detailed view of the activities of a specific contact. It can be seen in a moment whether the contact actually read the newsletter or whether the SMS message was delivered.

What does Reago enable?

The primary goal of our application is to connect email marketing, SMS marketing and contacts in one application. We are therefore able to provide our customers with the maximum service in the field:

  • Create your own newsletters in a handy drag and drop editor.
  • Mailing to a created segment of contacts.
  • GDPR solved.
  • Easy newsletter preparation and subsequent sending.
  • Simple SMS message creation and sending to the target segment.
  • Option to embed an unsubscribe function in each SMS.
  • Speed of sending SMS messages.
  • Customized web form creation.
  • Automated storage of contacts in the database from external sources.
  • Contact tagging.
  • Double opt-in confirmation function to subscribe to SMS or email blasts.
  • Contacts can be imported or exported via an intuitive wizard, among other things.
  • They can be segmented within advanced filtering.
  • The detail of each contact offers a clear map of their activities.

You can try the Reago app and all the benefits it offers for free and without obligation. Just fill out a simple registration form and you can use the Reago app in minutes.

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